Truly Entrepreneurial Investment Banking

LZW Capital Partners is a fully independent M&A advisory firm, focusing on the retail, tech and media space. Our truly entrepreneurial background in combination with years of experience both in the M&A sector and in fast growing companies sets us apart from the market and allows us to offer distinguished services to our valued clients.

Premium Corporate Finance Advisory

Entrepreneurial Approach

LZW Capital was founded out of a long-standing professional relationship of our founders. Together, they have initiated, executed and successfully completed numerous transactions in the retail, tech and media sectors.

Berlin Based, Global Reach

Thanks to our numerous activities in the market for many years, we operate on a global scale with offices in Berlin and San Francisco.

Our Services


LZW Capital acts as advisor to the divesting party in selling off parts or all of the shares/ assets in a business. Services range from initial process structuring, company and marketing document preparation, deal structuring, over investor identification and approach, to sell-side due diligence support and final deal negotiations. That way, LZW Capital is able to ensure a swift and smooth competitive auction process, while maximizing deal volume and safeguarding appropriate transaction terms.


Supporting the investing party in acquiring a minority or majority stake in a business. Besides process execution on the buy-side, this may encompass buy-side due diligence, deal negotiations, challenging of the target valuation as well as structuring transaction financing. In doing so, LZW Capital determines potential red flags of the target business, ensures that the right price-tag is attached, and maximizes deal probability.


Structuring and closing equity-, debt-, as well as mezzanine forms of financing. LZW Capital supports in structuring the process and the financing package, preparing the company and marketing documents for investor talks, identifying and approaching appropriate investors, due diligence handling, as well as deal negotiations.

US Partnership with GS Capital

GS Capital

Partnering with GS Capital allows both partners to unlock sell- and buy-side of the respective markets, while keeping the foot firmly on the ground at home.

The Team

Lydia Benkö

Former leading positions in M&A and Venture Capital at Corporate Finance Partners, former Partner & now Venture Partner with Heilemann Ventures, former founder. Mid-double-digit number of tech deals done, including the trade sale of DailyDeal to Google and the acquisition of plista by WPP. Studied at European Business School (Oestrich-Winkel) with visits abroad in Australia and India.

Mario Zimmermann

Serial Entrepreneur, Executive and Advisor to numerous startup&growth companies, among them brands4friends, brille24, Chronext, bwin and more. Mid-double-digit number of retail deals advised and done. Currently holding an executive position at b2planet, a software development and process digitalization company focusing on the digital transformation of medium-sized companies. Studied at European Business School (Oestrich-Winkel) with visits abroad in Canada and Switzerland.

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